Bug Reporting Process

When you’re filing a bug, if you could please include all this information, it will save time going back and forth. We’ll need this information in order to reproduce the problem on our side in order to “debug” it.

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Please use Form link for “best results”….

….But if you really want to send an email or Basecamp or Trello message, following the steps below will help us fix the issue more quickly.

1.) Include the multiple steps you took and page URLs you were.
2.) Also position of the “item” or element/module that’s missing or not working on the page.
3.) Include what browser and OS you were using.
4.) A screenshot with markup with arrows pointing to the “bug” or issue is really good to have.

I was on this URL: http://mysite.com/page.html
I was on “/home” and then I clicked on “menu.”
Then the page “/menu” loaded and I did not see Y as I expected on the top right corner.
I was testing this on Safari Mac.

The Reporting Form


  • We'll need this help identify which project you're referring to. This would be the email address you normally use to communicate with us. We'll contact you with next step information within 1 business day using that email address.
  • Are you logged into any App/System?

  • Issue Details

  • Please paste URL of the page you are having a problem from your web browser field.
  • Drop files here or
    This is very important so we can see the context of the error and could save us 15-20 minutes of back and forth.
  • Drop files here or
  • This can help us figure out the steps required to reproduce this bug on our side.
  • Helpful Things to Try First (Optional)

    This is important so we can reproduce the problem on our side.