Best Practices

Let’s find 3 “good” example screens of other projects and paste them into Figma above your new design.

For example, I’d Google “Admin UI screens” to see what other people are doing.

And then copy/paste the screenshots into Figma for a team discussion either using annotations, Slack, or Zoom.

Write out at the top of the first screen something like this format:
As a [type of user], I need to [action + subject] for my [name of app], and thus would like to do the following functions:

  • Task 1
  • Task 2
  • Task 3
  • Etc.

Example for NN:
As an Admin User, I need to Manage Users for my NN Photo App, and thus would like to do the following functions:

  • Add Users
  • Delete Users
  • Search for Users
  • Edit Name

Reduce the number of new Figma docs being created. Let’s keep everything in a single doc for each client as much as possible.

If needed, use or create a “Work In Progress” page on the project file to set expectations if other team member or the client stumbles upon it.
Once in a while, depending on the situation, we may need to create a new file.

If you spend more than 1 hour working on a task/project on a certain day, please post a status report on Slack or annotate on Figma where you left off with a note either it’s a “work in progress” or “please review this…”